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#24: Wrong links (added on SourceForge.net)
On wrote:
I tried the application and it is very nice.

It would be nice if you could correct some of the following issues.

Transition: X extends Y, Y extends X , should be claimed as an error.
(The same for X extends Y, Y extends Z , Z extends X)

Reflecting: X extends X, makes the inheritance link show to the upper left corner.
(Shouldn't show anything and should be claimed as an error)
There is a screenshot attachment of this case.

Moreover i would like to add here that a graphical way of connecting the classes would be very nice.


John Koumarelas
On wrote:
Hi John

You are right. Actually these cases are not being detected by Unimozer
while coding a projet but only later on by the java compiler when compiling
(either in memory or on disk).

I think I could implement some checks and show up a visual error in the

On wrote:
Yes. Very nice. You've done a really good job at the application.

What would be a really good implementation is an eventListener for
clicking and one for releasing, so that you can create an inheritance link
from one class to another, and create the appropriate links faster, in a
graphical way.
(e.g.Like the way you can create UML diagrams in the UML extension in

John Koumarelas
On wrote:

regarding the cyclic inheritance problem, I've added now some lines of detection code. Wrong links a being drawn in red. The JWS edition is up to date.

On wrote:
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