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#20: JavaDoc generation
On wrote:
Generating JavaDoc in a directory which name contains a space does not work.
On wrote:
This is not true. There was another Problem with the JavaDoc generation ...
On wrote:
If the "doc" directory doesn't exists, some Windows configuration generate an error on the first JavaDoc launch.

=> Create the directory before running JavaDoc?
On wrote:
This theses is wrong as well. In fact, there was a stream that was not properly closed, which seams to cause a problem while working with Novel. Closing the stream solved the problem.
On wrote:
OK ... let's get it more precisely:
- Launching Unimozer in Windows (JAR oder EXE) and including the "tools.jar" works fine.
- Launching Unimozer via Java Web Start an including "tools.jar" doesn't work => Initialization error while compiling.
On wrote:
I've now added "tools.jar" to the Java Web Start version. This make the compiler load correctly. The download is about 12MB bigger, but make sure that this version is fully functional.

=> done for version 0.22