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#1: Code editor eats up all kind of comments.
On wrote:
When typing comments in the editor, they disappear after reclicking on the class.

How to reproduce?
1) Select a class by clicking on it.
2) Add a comment somewhere in the code editor.
3) Reclick on the selected class.
On wrote:
This bug is due to the used parser (javaparser), which does not (yet) save comments in its AST tree.

Some other users requested this feature already. I hope a solution will soon be available ...
On wrote:
Please notice: A Javadoc comment in front of a method remains ;-)
On wrote:
I've succeed in hacking the java parser and dump visitor in a way to no loner eat up comments inside a constructor or a method. This is not 100% clean but it works fine and is a big step toward solving this issue.
On wrote:
Actually, there is a two-way synchronization between the UML diagram and the Java source.

The way UML --> Code is the one that eats up all the comments. One question is then: Is this synchro really needed. One could simply write the code and the UML diagram is being update ...

Yes, but editing the UML diagram and generating the corresponding code may be a really code thing if you want, in a first time, not to have to deal with code!

I think a good solution would be if there is a way to disable the automatic code generation / modification. Writing an Unimozer project could then be like this:

1) Draw a diagram by editing the classes. The corresponding code is being auto-generated.
2) Disable the code generation and continue to work on the code. After this point, adding/modifying class elements could only be done via the code. All comments will be preserved!
On wrote:
The last purpose has been implemented in version 0.19. Until there is not other idea or solution, this issue will be parked again.
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